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Our Services

Signature Senior Transitions (SST) provides a variety of services, each delivered with care and compassion. These quality services include:

  • Establishing a timeline and strategy for a stress-free move.
  • Assisting with sorting, organizing, downsizing and packing personal possessions.
  • Helping to decide which items to keep, give to friends and family, and donate to favorite charities.
  • Arranging for transference of unwanted items through profitable choices such as estate sales, buy outs, consignments, or a combination of these options.
  • Arranging for shredding of private documents and hauling unwanted items.
  • Designing floor plans and identifying the furniture and items to be moved.
  • Assisting with home safety design; recommending devices and equipment to accommodate loss of mobility, range of motion, loss of strength, low vision and other age related challenges.
  • Arranging and overseeing a Professional Moving Company to ensure the care of personal possessions from the previous residence to the new one.
  • Setting up the new residence by unpacking boxes, hanging pictures and, last but not least, giving the place a personal touch.
  • Ensuring that the previous residence is clean and presentable.
  • Assisting with the cleaning and clearing of the home after a loved one has passed away.
  • Considering and accommodating other requests that may be of need.