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About Signature Senior Transitions

Brad was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States in 1999. Being caring and compassionate in character, with a strong love for nature, he studied horticulture. His specialty was propagating – growing and nurturing plants. Creating environmental conditions that provide the lives of plants a place to flourish is special and rewarding.

Older adults thrive when nurtured through difficult times. Brad experienced this first hand while returning to South Africa to help his mother. It was no longer safe to remain in independent living, Brad assisted with moving his mother to an assisted living facility. This was a very delicate situation as life changing decisions had to be made while respecting the feelings and emotions of his mother. Together Brad and his mother made decisions as to which pieces of furniture could go with, and what to do with those that could not. Brad’s gentle words of encouragement made the decision process less stressful for his mother. Her initial panic quickly turned to calmness once she felt the reassurance that Brad provided in handling all of the many details. Transferring services, unpacking boxes and recreating her old home in a new place was Brad’s goal, and he did it.

Downsizing and relocating does not need to be a daunting task for a senior nor their family. Brad is dedicated to providing outstanding service and treating everyone with compassion, dignity and respect.

Leslie became an Occupational Therapist nearly 30 years ago and has worked with seniors and their families in a variety of settings throughout her career. She currently works with seniors and their families in their own homes, teaches OT at the university level, and volunteers with seniors in her community.

As an OT, Leslie guides her clients through life changes due to loss of physical function or mental illness. She understands that people have a need to achieve a sense of satisfaction by defining their purpose, their accomplishments and their lifetime contributions. Many seniors never get that chance. Leslie has a gentle way of giving people the tools to gracefully close one door and open another. She believes everyone deserves the chance to live their best life, and has dedicated her life and career to making that happen.